Wednesday, 27 November 2013

the naked truth

How come men are so much more comfortable wandering around with no clothes on, than women are?  The set up in the public loo is rather different - and I'm pretty sure it's mainly the women who scurry off to private cubicles at the gym or swimming pool.

I know of only one woman in my entire circle of friends that is happy to be unclothed and have the world (potentially) see her.  On the other hand, seems most guys are quite content with nakedness no matter what the time of day or the occasion.

And even then there are some degrees, especially for the girls.  There are some that won't dress/undress in front of anyone else, even their partner.  Its a generalisation but those women often wear fairly conservative clothes in daylight too. Nary a peek of cleavage will be allowed to show itself!

I wonder is this a reflection on the way we feel about ourselves?  Could it be that that confident people don't mind letting the world see them (physically) naked?  Or perhaps it runs deeper than that...could it be that the ones who are comfortable undressed - happy with their physical bodies,  are also more at ease with their emotional selves too?

Your thoughts?