Monday, 22 August 2011

the human touch

I love to dance. OH, how I love to dance!

The music, the pretty dress, the sparkly lights - it's all part of the experience of feeling good.

And the truth is, that one of the other things I really like about it, is that (in the case of the kind of dancing I do), it  includes human contact.  Partner dancing means that for even just three or four minutes at a time, you get undivided attention and the joy of being swept up, spun around and manfully embraced.

Human beings need other human beings.  One of the downsides of the technological age we live in is that lots of us spend more and more time touching not much more than a keyboard each day.

Hugs are great.  Cuddles are better.  Beyond that nicer still, if the person, the timing, and the expectations are right.

The utter deliciousness of touch is in my view, one of the necessities of life.  And in the absence of a significant other, I choose to dance.

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