Tuesday, 16 August 2011

The ''you'' shaped vacuum

St Augustine is credited with proclaiming that every person has a God-shaped vacuum within them.  That no matter how much we try to fill it with stuff, experiences, emotions, thoughts - the vacuum is only truly satsified when it has God in it.

Well, because I believe that human beings are not designed to be alone (andyes I know there are always exceptions to every rule), I want to beleive that out there somewhere is a person with a ''me'' shaped vacuum.

I imagine that this person may well have a completely fulfilling life.  He probably has enough friends, enough interests, enough challenge in his work, enough spiritual curiousity to consider his life is pretty complete.  He doesn't actually need  a me. Might think he doesn't want  a me.    He might not want to acknowledge - or even be aware - that he even has a space for a me!

The timing might not be right yet.  He might not even know me.  He might know me well but never considered that I am the right fit for that space.

There's a good chance though that he shares the same views as me - that's it's not a question of finding the Jerry Maguire - you complete me - type of relationship to make him feel like a whole person - more that there's a vague sense of knowing that there is something more to be experienced in life - that life just could be that little bit more content, or more exciting, or more sparklier.   

That there's room in his heart for one more person, or that there is still capacity for that heart to expand and make room for me.

Maybe I'm a hopeless romantic - maybe I'm just plain unrealistic.  But whilst I can happily accept that there can be more than one "one"' for us all, I still believe that it is possible to find that ''one'' who, whilst not perfect, is the perfect fit for me.

How do I know this?  Because I already know that I have a vacuum of my own.


  1. Thanks for visiting my blog. I like yours too! I wanted to comment on your post because I grew up in a Christian atmosphere where we use to sing in church, "You're all I need..." The analogy being, of course, was that once God filled that vacuum, you'd be whole no matter what. I tend to disagree nowadays, because God made us not only spirit creatures, but physical creatures. He said after creation it wasn't good for man to be alone (and I'm sure he meant women too). He can fill those holes in us and quench the thirst of the spirit, but as a single, the vacuum of a being alone physically painfully remains.

  2. absolutely! and don't get me started on the love-songs to Jesus track...that's a topic for another day!:)