Thursday, 6 October 2011

call me call me call me (why won't he call me...?)

The past four months of blogs have been fairly general - I've been happy (more than happy!) to share my opinion on the life of the uncoupled, and the trials and tribulations therein.  And now perhaps the time has come to share a little more of myself. So let's start at the very beginning (it's a very good place to start...).

I have bleated on rather a lot about the importance of standards, hinted at some deal breakers, and impressed upon my readers my beliefs about due diligence and listening to the opinions of others.

And so, it is with some trepidation that I share this morsel with you...yet smug in the knowledge that I have followed my own advice (yes truly I have!).  But there it is, I met a man....

He comes with great references, he's gainfully employed, he shares some of my interests, he's the right age, the right height, the right marital status.  Our values match.  We have a similar sense of humour and get each others.  Conversation is easy.  I feel no angst or nerves (well...maybe a little...).

So what to do about this?  The dating books all tell me I should be playing hard to get...making him work a little...not being the one making the first move.   Read one blog written by a young guy and he'll tell you this is rubbish, that it's all equal these days.  Read one written by a woman and she'll agree.   Read another and get the opposite opinion.  So which is it?  Are there rules any more?  I thought it was supposed to be the man who was the pursuer?  Who put in all the hard yards at the beginning to get his girl?

Does doing nothing make me feminine or passive?  Which is better?  Is he shy, nervous, completely unaware...or are you going to be the first person to say...he's just not that into you....

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