Thursday, 17 November 2011

you know you're single when.... make packet macaroni cheese and eat the whole lot, on your own, in one sitting
...the song playing on the stereo is always your favourite end up throwing out milk and bread because you didn't use it up by use-by date can open a block of chocolate and know that none will ever be missing unless you eat it yourself
...there's always enough hot water for a shower that lasts as long as you want it to side of the bed never gets mussed up
...everyone tells you how LUCKY you are not to have to share your bed/TV/chocolate/life with someone else                      but you don't think it's necessarily lucky at all
...the house is always just the right temperature and the lights just the right wattage make a list of people to invite to a party and realise that the reason there's an odd number of guests is because you're there're never quite sure if you're bum actually does look big in that...

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