Friday, 10 February 2012

I can i will i do

I have started doing some renovations.  Actually not some, quite a major undertaking.
It's half way scary and half exhilarating.
I get to decide how I want my house designed without ''input'' from another.
I get to choose the bathroom fittings, colours and carpet.
I get to pay the gigantic mortgage all by myself.

the longer i live alone and get used to making these decisions, the less inclined I am to be considering sharing my living space with another. It's been nearly 4 years and I am well in the habit of being the only adult in the house.  And yes, I'm fussy about how things are.

In some ways it was a revelation to discover I was quite capable of making these decisions on my own - not sure why as I think I knew it all alone - and hugely rewarding to complete phase one last year under my own steam.  I own a big ladder, an electric drill, all the things one needs to be independent;)

On the other hand, I keep getting sage warnings from the long-term single that it is not wise to become to settled in ones ways (I have kids, don't think that's likely!), nor live as the only adult for too long.

Its a conundrum.  In the meantime I'll get on with the new bathroom.

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