Wednesday, 8 February 2012

sleeping together?

I am not good at sharing.  What is mine, is mine:)
Herein though, likes a problem.
One of the things I Don't particularly like sharing is my bed.  Because I like being able to sleep on the cool bits...or the warm bits, when ever I feel like.  And I'm a terrible sleeper.  I mean...really bad. I wake up about every 30 minutes.  Have done most of my life.  I have nightmares.   Often.  And I tend to throw the blankets on and off.  and occasionally talk in my sleep.  which means I'm probably better off in my own bed, by myself.

On the other hand, I hate sleeping alone.   Or rather, I hate going to bed alone,  going to sleep alone, and I hate waking up alone.

The best way to fall asleep is embraced by another.  And I reckon it's also the nicest way to wake up.  And since I wake a lot, it is always nice if there's a warm body breathing beside me.   And without a doubt, when I have a nightmare, I HATE being on my own when I wake from it.

Looks like one day i might have to get used to sharing after all.

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