Sunday, 4 March 2012

is there an app for that?

In this crazy dating world we inhabit, there's a general understanding that one should put their best foot forward and create a fabulous first impression.  In fact I'd say for quite a few dates...weeks...months...most of us are on our best behaviour when in the presence of someone we rather like.   It's only when the guard gets let down a bit, that the real person starts to be revealed.  And from one who knows, I can tell you this can be a good experience, but also sometimes a pretty unpleasant one.

I joke (well it's kind of a joke) that I'd like to see a full financial statement, psychological profile, written references and police records of any potential dates that come my way.  I reckon it would save me a whole lot of grief. Especially since I have a special gift for attracting totally unsuitable blokes.  So imagine how great it would it be if there was some invention that could find people for me, or better still, give me a run down on their vital statistics.  Perhaps a QR code type thing, where I could scan them and get a summary?  Or am I the only one that has an invisible ''pick me if you're nuts'' tattoo on my forehead...

I love my i-phone, it's no secret.  And I especially love all those groovy apps that can be downloaded for free in the blink of an eye - calorie counter, song identifier, coffee card, TV guide, I've got them all.  But to go on a date and be able to get some impartial and accurate advise at the push of a button - wow I'd love to be able to say I had an app for that!

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