Wednesday, 4 July 2012

these are a few of my favourite things

A diversion from my usual diatribes. Its time to share the things that I love, and look for....

- Words! Whether it's with a friend, date, collegue or partner, for me almost nothing beats the excitement and challenge of great dialogue written or spoken.

- Long late meandering conversations about everything and nothing.

- Good food. along with a great glass of wine. Two of the best things to share with someone you care about.

- Time. I like to share precious hours of mine with others, and love it when they do the same. What we do is secondary to the commitment to sharing it in the first place

- Music. To listen to, dance to, sing or play along with.

- Humour. Make me laugh - and let me see that I can do the same for you and you'll have a place in my heart for ever

- Kindness. Enough said.

- Fizz. Please don't let me find out your get up and go got up and went

- Independence. I have it, and love to see it in others. Share what you can and what you want to but it's fine to keep some stuff for yourself (because I will probably do that too)

- Sensory tumescence - sight, smell, touch, taste, sound. gimme gimme!!!

What do you look for in others? What do you love that you love to share?

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