Thursday, 16 August 2012

the sound of hearts breaking

My daughter is going through a tough time right now. Kids are intuitive there is no doubt, and in this instance I'm sure she is sensing some changes in her mother - and pushing buttons (possibly without even realising it).
Tonight the children were minded by their Dad while I worked.  We crossed over at bedtime and he left after tucking them in.
''I just want you and Dad to get back together'' she said. ''i feel like my heart is broken in half and each half lives in a different house''.

That made my heart break.  I listened, I reflected, I nodded, but I couldn't give her the thing I knew she feels is most important to her.  Its tough.  It's her journey and I can only support her through it.  But it hurts, oh how it hurts.  I didn't want this for my children, I still don't.  She blames her father, citing him as the ''leaver'' but takes out the sadness and frustration on me - which I understand and absorb as best I can.

I can't live my life in fear of dashing even more of my childs dreams, but I also can't allow her to nurse this fantasy that will never come true.  It's a dilemma I don't want to face, and yet it is now right here in front of me.

What to do?

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