Sunday, 24 July 2011

what a girl wants

Things have changed since I was a girl.
Back then, you met a boy.  You liked him.  It didn't really matter if you had stuff in common - you were young, you were game for anything.
Hopefully, the boy liked you back.   You starting 'going out'.  You might, if you were 'that kind of girl'' agree to sleep with him.  You might even have enjoyed it.  Eventually the stress of getting pregnant, or having to sneak around your parents, got too much.  You got married.
You lived happily every after.

Eermm, well you might have.  Or, you might have lived happily for ten years or so, had a couple of kids, bought a mortgage (oops, i mean house).  Had a couple of family holidays at vast expense and unbeleiveable stress levels.  Convinced each other you loved each other despite it all.

And then suddenly, unexpectedly - or so it seemed at the time - you find yourself alone. again.  Yes, maybe there's some children in the mix, but essentially, you're a single.  Second time round.

Time goes by.  You get a bit lonely.  Try some new hobbies and things.  Maybe get fit.  Probably look hotter than you did when you were married.  Discover you quite like the attention.

And then suddenly, unexpectedly - or so it seemed at the time - you find yourself dating.

It's a horrible, American sounding, word - I mean who in England dated in 1989!?!

But, there it is.

You decide you are not destined to be single forever.  You get serious about this dating thing.  there's focus.  Determination.  Drive.  Total terror.  You meet some nice people.  You meet some total weirdos.  You hear the lines you thought only existed in the movies.  You actually find yourself USING some of the lines you know were only in the movies.

Welcome to the single life.

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  1. I like the way you've started your blog. Hoping to read more from you.