Monday, 25 July 2011

my exgirlfriends a psycho

I'd run out of fingers if I tried adding up how many times I've heard that line.
And toes too, if I added in the stories about 'my mate's ex'as well.
Seriously?  Is that the best you boys can come up with when citing a reason for why your last relationship failed?

Apart from the fact that we know that it's a load of rubbish - yeah sure some ex's ARE pyscho's we get that but most aren't - what is worse is that you're prepared to tell us that.  Don't dis the ex - it's not classy, and it leaves us wondering if we are going to be next to be described as crazy.

And if I ever find out that someone's going around saying I"M the crazy one? Well, I'll probably break in and cut the legs of their suit trousers.

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