Thursday, 11 August 2011

just forget about it!

Got to love that particular bit of advice.

It's usually directed at the poor girl (or guy) who has learned that the object of her affection is not reciprocating feelings.  It might have been a secret crush, or it might have been a happening thing.

The bruised-hearted laments to a friend, hoping for sympathy.  The friend, often a smug-coupled, offers one of these pearls of wisdom:

oh, you just need to forget about him!
you are so much better than her!
clearly he doesn't know what he's missing out on!
there's plenty more fish in the sea!

or even...
him? really?  oh have I told you about my friend....SO much more suited to you...

Alas, part of the process of discovering who we are, learning to enjoy the excitement of meeting new people no matter where it goes, and continuing to embrace life, regardless of our single/coupled state, means a few false starts along the way.

If only it were that easy - I would love to be able to (at times) turn my feelings on and off at will.  How much simpler life would be.  No more wondering and waiting, no more broken hearts and hurt feelings.    Certainly no more having to bemoan another false starter.

Sympathy can be a good thing, sometimes.  It's nice to hear that it was simply a misguided, nay erroneous decision that led to our fabulousness being overlooked by said potential beau.  It awesome that our friends are there, as we are for them, to listen to our tales of woe, and give good strokes and encouragement.

But sometimes, all I need to hear is...'gee that really sucks...and one day it won't''

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