Wednesday, 10 August 2011

sex and the single girl

Do men and women have a different approach to sexuality?

Why is it that traditionally (cougars notwithstanding) it has been men who have been allowed to acknowledge and seek to satisfy their sexual thoughts?  Whereas the girls (except for the ones who are clearly "gagging for it") are expected to not even discuss such things, unless in the company of other single and similarly unsatisfied women.

Maybe it has something to do with the way that women process this stuff.  We are, according to the experts, the emotional ones - the ones who mostly can't or won't have sex, outside the confines of a relationship.  Which is an conundrum to me.  Because clearly these men (assuming they are actually doing it) are having sex with someone - which we can safely assume is the same someone who is having sex with them, outside of the confines of a relationship!

Or is it that this is just another thing that 'nice girls' aren't supposed to talk about?

Now I'm the first to admit that I have no interest in casual sex.  In fact the very term strikes me as a bit of  an oxymoron.  Can something that intimate actually really be casual?  Or at a deeper level, SHOULD it be casual?

But that doesn't mean that we supposedly buttoned-up types don't get tempted.

So maybe the answer is that the men are by and large happier to get on with it, and talk about it.  Whereas the women - well most of them - take a more calculated approach.

It makes me wonder about communication though - assuming everyone's getting lucky, what are we actually telling each other?

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