Tuesday, 2 August 2011

the language of love

Well actually not love.  Seems there's all these new expressions popping up for the newlydating.

Is it a date? Is it hanging out?  Is it catching up?

Are we going to get together?  Hook up?  Connect?
Actually go on a date?

Is this about seeing where things go?  Going slow?  Assuming success? Being cautious?

Are we an item? A couple?  A work in progress?

Should we have coffee? lunch? dinner? a movie?

If I come to your place is it still a date?  If  we make our own way there?  If we arrive together? Leave together?  Spend the night together?

Is skyping a conversation? Is texting? Online chat?

Is the conversation actually counted as part of what's ''going on'?

Do I tell my friends I met someone? That I'm dating? That I'm in a relationship?  Do I tell them nothing?
When does 'keeping things low key'' become remaining a secret?  When does keeping a private life private turn into clandestine?

When is it official? When you ask me? when I ask you? After one date? Three dates? A sleepover?

Who calls who?  Are the rules still the same?  Should the men be doing all the work?  Are confident women attractive or scary?

If things 'don't work out' do we stay friends? should we? can we?

Aaaargh...all sounding a bit hard....

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