Saturday, 3 September 2011

do you trust me?

Forget the F-word and the C-word. If there was ever one that ought to top the list if risky things to say to a new beau, it would have to involve the T-word surely!

Too trusting. How many times have you thought that? How many times have you been that?!

Why do we need to ask someone if they trust us? To me it sounds a bit needy - or even a bit duplicitous. As in, I'll ask you if you trust me because in doing that I'm implying that you have no reason not to.

I am deeply uncomfortable with the concept of Do you trust me

- do you trust me when I say I'm going out with the girls and we're going dancing
- do you trust me when I am off on a rugby weekend
- do you trust me when I say that there is no-one but you
- do you trust me when I share my past with you and it sounds a bit improbably

Do you trust me? Seriously why would someone even need to ask that? Surely if there's been a DTR* conversation it's a given that there''s got to be some trust?

I find this trust thing a bit weird. Shouldn't you be able to '"do trust"" without saying it? or without asking? And yes we all feel the need to define it, and be reassured.

Or does the very fact that I am even having to discuss this mean that I have trust issues?

DTR- Define the Relationship - the conversation that we all know we need to have sooner rather than later, but when it's feeling tricky, usually do it later often by which time there's actually no relationship to define


  1. Intriguing topic for sure. I'm having trust issues and I blamed it from my divorce but I read it somewhere that the best way would be to at least 'fake' it until it can be proven. Love that DTR - you just added a new vocabulary in my life. As I am trying to 'occasionally' date again just to test the water that term will come in handy ;)

  2. date...hmm another word i am uncomfortable with;)

    added another one to your vocab today too!