Monday, 19 September 2011

the man drought

I heard on the radio yesterday that the man drought in NZ is officially over - well for 6 weeks anyway.  Apparently something like 70% of the visitors here for the RWC are men.

Not terribly helpful for those of us either a/ not into rugby, or b/ not really prepared to move to Georgia/Romania/Argentina when they all go back home.

Is it true?  Is there really a shortage of men?  I was at a function last night where there were more men than women.  Significantly. In fact some of the men went home because they were so over-represented!  Nice, decent guys who probably fit most of the criteria on my previous blogs.

Talk to the women and they'll tell you all the good guys are taken.  Talk to the men and they'll tell you there's not many good women to choose from.  I suspect in this online-dating age,where there appears to be such choice and range, we've got a bit fussy in our old age.  The same old problems and deal-breakers keep turning up.

Too old, too young, too afraid of commitment, too intense.  Spends too much, not generous enough.  No kids, too many kids.  Not driven enough, too focused.  Not healthy enough, too committed to their sport.
Doesn't like to go out, doesn't like to stay in.  Too much energy, not enough energy.  Too highly principled, too laid back.

No wonder we're all still single:)  

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