Monday, 5 September 2011

tag and release

Another expression I have happened upon since joining the heady word of the uncoupled, this one is used to describe the (somewhat questionable IMHO) practise of no-strings sex.  And one of the best things ever about owning my blog - I get to have an honest opinion and spout rhetoric from the moral high ground whenever I choose!

I know that this makes me sound frighteningly conservative but I am seriously at a loss to understand why anyone would choose to engage in something as physically intimate and vulnerable as sex, with a stranger.

I once heard it described as offering variety and pleasure without emotional attachment.  What interests me is
a.  how sustainable this is?  Can one go on, and on, continuing to have detached sex with strangers (or with acquaintances and friends for that matter), or is this a time and place kind of thing?  and
b. what's the likelihood of being able to have a continued supply of people who are also happy with it?  Do women and men feel the same about this?  Are the initiators always being completely honest and upfront about their intentions and do neither person really true care?

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