Tuesday, 6 September 2011

lemon juice and paper cuts part 1

I love how the recently-coupled so often want everyone to enjoy their joy bubble.

I am always delighted to hear of someone finding another - especially if it is marked with promise and hope and happiness.  I get a real buzz out of hearing the how we met stories, the barely contained excitement of a  full-of-promise chance meeting, the run down of how amazing the first date, week, month has gone.  It reminds me that for each of us there is the possibility of a perfect fit.

But I think I speak for most singles when I say we are NOT always delighted with the offer of other potentials being thrust upon us - ''oh he wasn't my type but I'm sure you'll like him'';, óh she's looking great...for her age''; 'he's a great catch you know...for someone else'', "he's been single for AGES, you should ask him out!!!''.

Yes thanks for that.  The not-quite-perfect guy for the sadly single girl. The fabulous-for-someone-else woman just right for the tragically alone man.

I love matchmaking and as I've said before I have a fairly good track record with it.  But I'm also super careful about how and where and when I do it.

So whilst I get that who is right for one might not be right for another - and probably a friend-introduction is the best way to meet people (at least they come partly pre-vetted!), it doesn't follow that because the single are single, they automatically qualify to be potential mates for other single friends.

Don't know about you, but I'd rather stay home and put lemon juice in my paper cuts than go on a date with someone who my friend has already rejected.

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  1. GOT THIS RESPONSE TODAY: 1. just because someones single for AGES doesnt mean theres anything wrong with them 2. its not a bad thing to meet people and think they could be right for a friend if not right for you. also theres some of my guy friends who i am totally not interested in but i think would really make a good couple with my friend.

    YES yes! i agree with that...my point is though that the minute someones coupled they want the rest of the world to be too. and don't carefully think through the suitability. it's a responsibility not an obligation!

    reponse: they certainly do that which is frustrating. and worse when they want to set you up with their man's friend who is a complete gimp that they know you wouldn't like but that they would like to have a best mate each to double date with