Monday, 26 September 2011

tell me what you want what you really really want

I'll tell you what I want, what I really really want!

Actually, I don't know that I can...but I can tell you what I don't want....

- I don't want a father for my kids, they already have one - although a great mate would be awesome
- I don't want an entourage of exes and past loves, either in physical or emotional  form, sharing my relationship  - although a healthy and friendly rapport is all good
- I don't want to be responsible for someone elses happiness, finances or social life - although I'd be glad to share all three with the right person
- I don't want to spend my Sundays alone for ever - although the odd solitary one is just fine
- I don't want a short term see what happens, doomed affair - although I'm also not seeking a firm commitment from the first date!
- I don't want to have to compromise my values and beliefs - although I'm open to explore new ones
- I don't want to give up my life as i know it (friends, interests, lifestyle) - although I'm excited about the possibilities of getting new ones of all three

Sound negative?  Maybe...I guess I could turn all these comments into positives - but where's the fun in that!
It's only in knowing what you don't want, that allows you to seek that which you really do.

Don't you think?


  1. Of course sometimes we don't know what we want until we've found it

  2. how true. the true bliss of being bowled over by the unexpected...
    it's just not so pleasant when the thing we find..and want...doesn't want to be wanted...