Thursday, 29 September 2011

me time

Today as I was allowing my  coupled friends to vicariously enjoy my 'single Saturday nights'' in recollection, one remarked that it seemed that at those times, I got to be the real ME - not the mother, the employee, the ex-spouse, the friend, the mortgage-owner, the volunteer....just me.

I'm trying hard not to allow being uncoupled define me.  Sure, this blog is about my life, and maybe the life of others, as a single in a couples world.

And I'm not afraid to admit I have days when I am really really unhappy about being a single person, and in particular a single parent.  Many is the day that I think 'this is not what I signed up for!''...Just as there are  as many days that I wonder if I will ever be brave/mad/open enough to really be ready to get re-coupled again.

But, there are many positives in my life as a single and one of them is that I how I have learned to carve out -and really appreciate - chunks of time just for me.  

And it's true - when it's just me, I get to be me.  No expectation, no responsibility and no accountability, except to myself.  Those precious hours are all about doing the things that energise me, but that are not necessarily - in fact are not usually at all - about giving out to other people. I do things that I love, things that I would probably have never experienced unless I had become single, and have also gone back to things I once loved before coupledom.  It's good for my spirit and soul, and is often a timely reminder that I am no not have to be defined by just my relationship status.

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