Thursday, 20 October 2011

Clearing out and moving on

I heard about the demise of three different relationships this week.  That's a lot of people I know going through significant life changes.

I commented to one that I was sad to hear about it but could offer the consolation of them not being the only one I knew of.  What was going on that so many people were going through this right now I asked? "Spring cleaning" was the slightly wry response.

Actually I think there's probably a fair bit of truth in there. It's tough but it also kind of makes sense to me. Possibly even more than the New Year New You things we read about.    Maybe as we systematically clean houses, or wardrobes, or gardens, there's internal stuff being sorted through as well - which just might lead to making a clean sweep of our relationships as well as our physical space.

The positive way to look at it would be consider the ending as a fresh start.  There's a cliche that says something like that - in order to begin something new, one has to end something first.   Pretty sucky if you're the one being swept out but exhilarating and exciting (and maybe a little scary) if you're the one holding the broom.

Have you ever taken time to ''spring clean'' a relationship?  Or chosen this time of year to make a fresh start?

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