Wednesday, 26 October 2011

it's not me, it's you

There is an art to being let down gently.  Or so I'm told.

For your further entertainment a selection of excellent rejection lines I - and others like me - have been given...

The good

- I'm just not ready for a relationships (yes really truly I have lost count of how many times that particular chestnut has been handed to me)
- I need to work through some stuff with my ex
- I need more time to think about this, can you give me that?

The bad

- I really like you but only as a friend
- You're not really my type...but my friend really likes you
- I don't want a relationship but a little fun might be good

The ugly
- sorry you're too old for me
- if I were a different person in a different place I'd marry you
- i'm just not attracted to redheads
- I want to be with someone I am proud to be seen with (tacit: and that's not you...)

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