Tuesday, 25 October 2011

just like buses

Ok people i admit it.  the cynics were right and so were the optimists.
You wait and you wait and you wait and then 4 come along at once....

So, about the fleet...

A couple are on fairly new routes.  One would appear to be on a detour.  One is a special charter which doesn't make this journey often and may not come this way again for a long time.  One appears to be unsure of it's destination.  Some have started in this direction and been diverted.  One has been out of service for a number of years and only recently back in commission.

As I stand at the station there's an odd sense of anticipation but also of wariness.  

Some of them are well maintained, others could use a little attention.  One or two are carrying far too much luggage and even the odd extra passenger.  Some are built for speed, others for safety and comfort.  Most have been transporting for a while and have good reviews.

Most buses travel the same routes over and over again.  They are supposed to be on a timetable aren't they!?.

So how come a handful are turning up at the bus stop all at once....


  1. So you either pick one route or go with the (village) bicycle option?

  2. very clever. very very clever;). Thinking i need to check how many miles are on the clocks first...