Wednesday, 1 February 2012

actually no it IS you and not me....

Seriously, I can't believe the total rubbish I have heard, the lines I have been fed, and the lies I have been told over the past 4 years...and in the years preceding my marriage.  So when the guy I was dancing with said ''is there a bar here'' and I said, no, it's an alcohol free night tonight, and he responded ''oh well I guess you'll be going home single tonight then'', I finally had my worst fears confirmed....

Remember back in the eighties, when you went to the Bank, there was a little light box they would put your passbook under to check your signature?  And it would show up in the ultraviolet light?

Well I reckon that I have a message on my forehead. Only instead of needing a UV light source, I just need to get within a metre or so of testosterone.  The sign lights up and sends a message to those close enough to read it.  Now obviously I haven't SEEN the sign myself, and no one has admitted to actually reading it, but I think it probably says something like

treat me like rubbish, or simply be insulting

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