Sunday, 19 February 2012

staying cool

Call me an over achiever but I try and give 110% to everything I do (well, the stuff I'm passionate about anyway...).

I've been spending time reflecting on the awesomeness of disaster that has been my dating life over the past 4 years.  Not to say I haven't met some great people, and had some lovely times, but the reality is, here I am, single still, and the man I seem to get along best with is my exhusband, who knows me best....

I am trying hard to be relaxed about it - heck how can I not when I could add up the number of actual dates I've been on in the past 2 years on one hand - and I'm also doing my best to STAY CALM and CARRY ON when the faint glimmer of hope turns out to be receding rather than coming toward me.

I haven't asked anyone out on an actual date - now that would be way too scary! - and I think I'm doing okay at appearing open to opportunity.  I want to do the right things by people, I want them to feel valued by me.   And so I make an effort to start conversations, develop friendships, be interested.   But maybe in the world of dating I need to take a step back from that and put in a bit less effort (ergo, make the boys do the work?).

what do you think?

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