Friday, 17 February 2012

i feel your pain

I've been away for a couple of days with work.

There were 12 people at the conference.  I was the only one not married.  It shouldn't matter - in fact, it didn't matter - to them anyway.  But it mattered to me.

The fact is, I HATE that..I hate being the only one.  I hate it when someone, when hearing the ages of my children asked ''what does your husband do''.  I never know how to respond.  I don't have a husband is going to make the other person feel more uncomfortable.  I'm divorced/separated/single sounds a bit too much informationish.  To state his profession, therefore by implication saying I actually have one, seems dishonest.

I've done plenty of hours ön the couch'' about this stuff.  I'm mostly reconciled to how life is.  I have a few stock answers.  And sometimes I unfortunately share (way way way) too much information about myself too early on.  Got to work on that....

I'm not saying I want to be married. I'm not saying I want to be reconciled.  I'm just saying...sometimes I hate feeling like the one who's different.

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