Tuesday, 14 February 2012

a wine fueled blog...

I had a glass of wine tonight...which isn't so unusual...but to do so and then blog is.  Mainly because I believe alcohol (even a measly half glass of red) doesn't make us do things we wouldn't do ordinarily, but because i reckon alcohol just loosens the inhibitions enough to make us do what we would do if only we had the (non-alcohol-fuelled) nerve... (and it also excuses the spelling errors and bad grammar)

So here it is:  The Pinot Noir version of whatsgoingoninmyhead....

I bumped into a male friend today.  He fits the just-younger-than-me/always-tells-me-how-great-i-am/single-and-never (or no longer) -married demographic.  As always he was chatty and friendly, no more no less.

I have probably four or five guy-friends in this group.  The kind who seem to genuinely like women, and who women genuinely like.  They are good looking, confident, smart guys.  We can talk for ages about all kinds of things.  There is a kind of chemistry, for sure with some more than others - which I guess there has to be in order to maintain even friendship.  I know them quite well.  We have either interests, or people in common.  My kids like them.  They are open about themselves and their hopes and dreams.  Mainly, they have dealt with whatever stuff they needed to deal with.  None of them have red flags waving over their heads.  They are always pleased to see me.  These are guys people want to be around.  Who are happy to tell me what a great catch I'd make.  Who are almost always single.  They are all younger than me, although only by a couple of years or so, placing them firmly in the just 40 age group:).

It got me thinking.

Firstly, how come these fab people are still single?  They are literally all great catches!

Secondly, how come none of them have ever asked me out....

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