Monday, 26 March 2012

more mental housekeeping

I had another one of those weird, but probably have some signifance, kind of dreams again this week.  And after all the amazing feedback I got last time, I am going to share this one with my readers, in case there's some more gems of enlightenment...

I am in a house.  From the road it is fairly ordinary looking, but I know it is a special place.  The house belongs to a relative who has recently moved away and asked me to look after it for them.  (In the dream I felt like I knew this place but in real life I don't know it at all).  They give me a few instructions on how to work various things and point out some things of interest and leave me to it.  I walk through a door which appears to lead to the back of the house. There is a room filled with amazing things. Collections of all kinds, a piano, a big bag of wool waiting to be spun, books, lots of books.  (In real life i hate clutter like this but in the dream I am amazed and delighted to be in it).    I wander around delighting in discovering things that apparantly have had significance in my life.   My children are also wandering around oohing and aahing but lost in their own world of discovery.

A person I care about, but do not know so well, appears at the house.  I'm told there is more to see.   I protest, no this is all, this is a small place.  The person points out a door I hadn't noticed before.  We go through it and there is another whole wing to the house.  I am told that this is for me, for us, and that it is mine to use whenever I wish.  I can invite others or keep it for us/me.  The children are not there now, still occupied in the other room,  and don't seem interested in coming in, which surprises but does not worry me.  Its spacious and inviting.  There's a deep swimming pool/spa.  There's a feeling of life and happiness there even though it is obvious noone else has used it for a long time.

I move between the room of treasures, the main part of the house, and this private area, freely and happily.

I wake happy and optimistic,  but also as if I am content with all that is important to me.

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