Monday, 9 July 2012

hooked on a feeling

I'mmm, I'mmm Hooked on a feeling.
I'm high on believing that your in love with me.
All the good love, when we're all alone
Keep it up girl, yeah you turn me on.

Ahaha I'm hooked on a feeling,
I'm high on believing,
That your in love with me

Yeah OK, so it's a cheesy song from the 1970's that most people would deny they ever sang along to, let alone had at some time or other empathised with the words of.

Most dating advice is based in the sensible advice that one should be looking for compatibility, suitability, conversational ability - and that chemistry (for want of a better word) should really be second to this stuff. But hang on a minute - isn't it the chemistry that gets us wanting to find out more about the other abilities in the first place?

I reckon there's something in there. I have often heard the expression ''in love with the idea of being in love'' and my guess is that this is really what goes on for people, especially in the early days of a relationship - or when it's been too long between drinks. The person that literally becomes addicted to the thrill of meeting/seducing/enveloping someone new is probably not going to rate very high in the stable relationship stakes, but surely it is this drive to feel that keeps the uncoupled out there looking for a partner.

It is a bad thing? Well, yes and no. Not great if you are continually looking for the ''high'' that comes with a good shot of oxytocin, or prefer living in a world of unicorns and pink clouds. But maybe it's the eternal romantic in me (or maybe I've just overdosed myself on glam rock ballads) but I have to say that sometimes, being able to float around in that feeling of love love love is rather good.

When the sun then looks a little brighter, the breeze a little warmer and couch a little cosier, I think one can be forgiven for wanting to hang on to that feeling for as long as possible.

your thoughts?

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