Thursday, 15 September 2011

sharing the load or going it alone

I'm sure one of the most appealing things about being coupled (from the uncoupled point of view of course!) is the fact that there is someone to share stuff with.
Share housework, kid stuff, errands.
Share a bed.
Share the ups and downs and trivia of the day
Share whinges and whines and celebrations.

The longer I live alone though, the less excited I am about sharing.  I've got used to my own space and making my own decisions.  I don't mind doing housework on my own and I have enough friends around me to usually be able to find someone to celebrate or commiserate with.  I quite like my own company, even though I am energised by people.

I do miss having some warm feet in the bed on a cold night...but I'm pretty ok with having that to myself most of the time too.

I have come to accept, even enjoy the solititude of my evenings.  Being connected via the internet and phone is mostly enough, and I am often busy with work, or meetings or something, at least a couple of nights a week.

There are things I miss sharing for sure.  An adult to reflect on the day with.  Someone to have coffee with in the morning.  Sometimes I would like to be able to share my kids:)

I wonder if if my growing independence will make me selfish (although unlikely as long as there's two small people in my life and house).

Does this make me one of those people edging to the ''part time lover'' camp?  I don't want to become so self sufficient that there is no room, or inclination for a significant other in my life.  I also don't want to be so independent that a potential suitor would put me in the too hard basket!

Is there a balance?

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  1. If you find that balance let me know....

    The autonomy of singledom is attractive, or is that just what we tell ourselves to make it more bearable?

    MY bedroom is well and truly mine now, I couldnt imagine sharing it full time again, my weekends when I get them of no plans, no responsibilities, follow my nose...well they still seem empty.

    Part time lovers?, well if it scratches the itch...