Tuesday, 13 September 2011

taking care of yourself - one for the boys

There's no doubt about it, women like a man to look good.  No more, and no less that the men want the women they are being seen with, or that they are seeing, to look good too.

In some ways women are probably more look obsessed - we can spend AGES getting the right dress, the right hair, the right shoes.  We worry we look fat in something.  We worry about wrinkles and grey hair.

I subscribe to a number of single person blogs.  One is particularly scathing of the dating world and offers tips for men (from a women's perspective) and vice versa.  After yesterdays contribution - make that gentle lecture - to remind the women that they need to care for themselves, I thought it only fair that the guys got a turn too.

So, you can either get the hard unudulterated truth here: http://guidetowomen.wordpress.com/

or read on for a list of random observations shared by my women friends....
(a cautionary note...some of these things contradict each other...I told you it was a list of random observations - don't shoot the messenger!)

- muscles and firm bodies are great.  we all know that.  but we also know that as we get older it's not so easy to acheive.  just make a bit of an effort.
- being overweight or out of shape isn't really the issue.  the issue is if you care about it.  if you don't give a damn, that tells us (rightly or wrongly) that you don't respect your own body.  so we wonder, would you respect ours?
- we like men that know what a toothbrush is and isn't afraid to use it.
- some guys sweat a lot.  those guys need to use appropriate toiletries. a lot.
- if you're struggling with your wardrobe, ask for help.  But if you don't want us deciding what you wear, then don't take us shopping with you.
- tshirts just shouldn't be tucked in. ever. well unless you're at a funeral. and it's your own. then it doesn't matter.
- if your car is full of rubbish and we have to negotiate to get in the front seat, you can forget a second date.  car full of crap = house full of crap = life full of crap
- if we want to be rescued, we'll let you know.
- short fingernails. and toenails. always.
- women love guys who can do guy stuff. fixing things.  making things.  helping with stuff.  we just do. even if we say we don't
- when we say ''so what are you up to this week'', we're not interrogating you. we're just interested
- please let us pay for things sometimes. you wanted an independent woman right? so let us be one.
- for most of us, there's extra small people involved.  we want you to like them.  but you don't have to parent them. especially at the start.  thanks anyway!
- when you ask us what's wrong and we say 'nothing'' and you know it isn't NOTHING - let it go!!! we'll tell you when we're ready.
- deep down, just like you, we just want to be wanted and love to be loved.  it's pretty simple really.  

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