Friday, 13 January 2012

ever decreasing circles

As I get older, and ''more single'' i'm discovering that the world is indeed a tiny place.  And not always in a good way.

I know people in several different social circles that are completely unrelated (as in, the only thing one person might have in common with another, is me).  Yet I continue to be astounded at how many of the dating war stories cross over.  This one dated that one.  This one is that ones ex.  This one is going out with the other ones ex ex.

It makes the world of singledom seem all a bit close.  Life gets lived publicly.  Stories are shared and compared and more connections get discovered.  Sometimes it's a good thing - it's easy to learn who to avoid! - and other times it's not - too easy to make a judgement without actually knowing someone.

I can't decide if it's extraordinary or just plain creepy.

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