Sunday, 15 January 2012

a new leaf

I did something a bit out there this week.  It might have been a bit mad actually, but thanks to the wonders of electronic media, it's done, and it's too late to go back...

After suffering yet another humiliating defeat in the romance game I wondered if it was time to re look at how I do things.  I'm pretty good at bleating out advice on here - but generally it's for the benefit of others and I tend not to take it for myself (well duh....).  Even though in this case there were a number of mitigating factors it still turned out to be...well, a false alarm, for want of a better term.  I'm sad. but I'll live.  And, I hope, learn.

So,  as part of the learning process, I chose a handful of close male friends, and wrote to them, asking for some feedback on me, and also their thoughts on why women seem to not only be attracted to the wrong kind of guys - but why the wrong kind of guys seek out the women they (must know they) are not good for. I chose people I trust, who know me pretty well - and have witnessed some of the roadkill - and so I believe they will give me honest responses.

So far I haven't had any replies.  But I wait patiently.  Keep you posted.

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