Tuesday, 17 January 2012

the tangled web we weave

Last night I spent a few hours with some awesome people.  None of them knew each other - but all were my friends. All single, or very recently re-coupled.  As it often does, the conversation turned to the perils and pitfalls of relationships.

There was much spirited conversation and lots of excellent advice given and received.

When I got home I reflected on each of these people.  All have extraordinary stories.  In fact, put together, if I wrote a book, no one would be believe it could be real.  Especially people whose lives are all connected - ah the 6 degrees of separation is alive and well in this town!  (Don't worry people I won't ACTUALLY write it....)

The conclusion we came to was this:

The older we get, the more complicated our lives get.  The harder it is to re partner.  The more cynical we become, the choosier we are.

But also, with each narrow escape, each minor cut and abrasion  - and occasional serious wound - to our hearts, the more we know ourselves.  The wiser we become - even if we don't follow our own advice.

We all believe it is not the natural order for man (or woman...) to be alone, and that eventually, one day, we will be happily re-coupled and part of a winning team.
In the meantime, we need to spend time with like minded people. Who understand where we are in life. Who won't tell us to ''stop looking''.  Who also understand that we make mistakes.  Who have made plenty of their own.  Who can help us laugh at the crazy things we've done on this mad rather potholed-road to partnering. Who help us celebrate the moments of happy, and console us in the moments of sad.

In a world where everyone else seems to be part of a family or a couple, it is just wonderful to spend time with those who are like me.

Here's to the good stuff about singledom:)

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