Monday, 19 March 2012

driving me crazy

I have a new theory.  This is it:

You can tell a lot about a man by the way he drives his car.

The guy that always slows to let others in, that uses indicators, seat belts, and the airconditioning - he's the good guy.  He's the one who always checks the kids are in their booster seats. He's considerate, mindful of others, and values his own life as much as anyone elses.

The bloke with a need for speed - he's probably a bit of a showoff who doesn't hold himself in high regard but pretends he's got it all together.

The one who never slows to let others in, who cusses cyclists, who ignores pedestrians.  He's just plain nasty. Nothing says I don't give a damn about anyone but me like a guy who won't slow down in roadworks.

The guy whose car is full of rubbish - empty cans, mcdonalds bags, apple cores newspapers, spark plugs.  He doesn't care at all about about his environment and he probably won't care about yours either.

The one who, when you say, ""please can you slow down, I'm feeling a bit nervous"" responds with, ''don't be silly, I'm a great driver and I've never had an accident"" - I say get out at the next set of lights and run.

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