Friday, 16 March 2012

Wife wanted

I am now working full time, and a bit more.  I'm doing some house renovations. I'm parenting alone, albeit with a fairly involved kid-dad.

Each day I race out the door wishing I'd had more time to tidy, do washing, run errands.  Every evening I come home to kids clamouring, answerphone beeping, dinner looming.

Seems the lawns always need mowing, the garden always needs weeding, there's never quite enough fresh fruit and veges in the fridge for my own comfort, and there's always a pile of paper that needs attention.

About 20 years ago I was nannying in London for a single mum.  Funnily enough she was the same age that I am now and her children are similar ages - and with similar interests and personalities.  She ran two jobs like I do and seemed to spent a lot of time in the car or racing between meetings.  My job was to care for the children, the house, and the dogs.  Occasionally I'd prepare food for a dinner party, or oversee workmen at the house, or run errands for her personally.  And she would laugh and say I made the perfect wife for her.  She sure didn't need a husband, but yep, she could have used a wife.

And now, I think maybe that's what I need too.

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