Tuesday, 3 April 2012

swimming close to the surface

I had lunch with a friend today.  Happily recoupled, he was describing the way he and his partner communicate.  "I always know how she's feeling" he said ," because she is so open and her emotions are close to the surface"

I love that idea.  Which might be because I'm a bit like that too.  But it strikes me as a whole lot less complicated if I can just be honest about what's going on for me.  There's no doubt that when I'm happy the world knows about it.  Although I also probably should confess I'm an expert at the brave face too - it's easy to share happy with the world, not so easy to share the ugly stuff!  That said, I've also been told I can be read by like a book, so now who's kidding who!

But, if I feel safe, as long as I feel safe, then I'm okay with showing all sides of the emotional face.  Granted, it can be a bit scary - goodness knows I've freaked a few blokes out with my honesty!

And so, on this crazy unpartnered journey I'm on, I'm having to learn to temper my temper, and keep some of that just-below-the-surface stuff, at least for a little while, just a little bit deeper.

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