Wednesday, 16 May 2012

boundaries with the FDH

I jumped in the bath last night for my usual 20 minutes peace.  A car came up the driveway and I heard the children call out ''It's Dad!''.
This is a tough one for me - I am so glad that he wants to see his kids every day, and that they are always so thrilled to see him.
But it still feels weird having him in my house (it was never his), and especially when I was in the bath.  I felt...extremely uncomfortable.  And sad that this is how life is.  It's been 4 years and still there is this weird wobbly line instead of a boundary.
And Im caught between rock and hard place - if I ask for him to not arrive like this he will get angry and threaten to not see the children at all.  If I let it go I end up feeling uncomfortable about being in my own house.
what to do?

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